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Join our Coping Circle Workshop focused on stress management for cancer caregivers. Led by experienced oncology social workers, this live video workshop provides essential information and emotional guidance to individuals affected by cancer. Whether you’re a patient, family member or caregiver, this workshop is designed to address your unique needs.

Workshop Highlights:
Understanding Stress: Explore what stress is, how it manifests and everyday stressors.
Who Experiences Stress: Learn about stress from the perspective of caregivers.
Effective Coping Strategies: Discover practical coping skills, including communication, advocacy, exercise, relaxation techniques, journaling and routines.
Resources: Access valuable resources to support your stress management journey.

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Date & Time

No future dates available

To Register or Learn More

This program is open to national clients and is free, but pre-registration via Zoom is required. For information about this workshop as well as other CancerCare programs and services, please call the CancerCare toll-free Hopeline at 800-813-HOPE (4673).

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