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CancerCare Receives Grant from New York Community Trust to Assist Needy New Yorkers Facing Cancer

New York, NY, February 11, 2009--CancerCare has been awarded an $850,000 grant to provide financial assistance to New York residents and their families who are facing cancer. CancerCare is one of eight non-profit organizations to receive a grant from the New York Community Trust, a community foundation supporting charities in the New York metropolitan area.

Grants totaling more than $7 million were approved by the Trust's board to help New Yorkers who are hungry or homeless, and for those facing eviction from or foreclosure on their homes. The grants were established as a response to the economic challenges resulting from the nationwide recession, which has hit New Yorkers particularly hard.

CancerCare is the only health-related nonprofit organization among the eight awardees.

"In these times of economic uncertainty, more and more people who are facing a cancer diagnosis are also dealing with enormous financial challenges that can and do interfere with their getting the treatment they need," said Diane Blum, executive director of CancerCare.

"We are seeing an increase in demand for our services, especially for the financial assistance we provide cancer patients to help them cover the costs of getting to and from treatment," Blum continued. "The New York Community Trust's generosity and renewed commitment to our organization in this current economic climate, ensures that we can continue helping the neediest New Yorkers facing cancer get to the services they need."

"These kinds of grants have always been a major part of our giving," said Lorie Slutsky, The Trust's president. "What's different is that we have given significantly more money to agencies that have the ability to increase the number of people they help, but face a serious drop-off in private contributions and severe reductions in public funding."

About The New York Community Trust

Since 1924, The New York Community Trust has been the community foundation of the New York metropolitan area, an aggregate of 2,000 funds created by charitable individuals, families, and corporations to improve the quality of life for all the area's residents. Grants made from these funds meet the changing needs of children, youth, and families; aid in community development; improve the environment; promote health; assist people with special needs; and support education, arts, and human rights. To learn more, visit

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