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CancerCare’s My Cancer Circle Relaunches New Website

CancerCare celebrates 75 Years of Help and Hope! This is part III of our “If it matters to you, it matters to us” blog series that aims to exemplify CancerCare’s commitment to serve people with cancer and to celebrate a legacy of comprehensive care for people living with cancer.

alt text CancerCare is excited to announce the relaunch of™ , a free, private and customizable online tool that enables caregivers of people facing cancer to organize and coordinate a circle of family members and friends to provide practical and emotional support. provides caregivers of people facing cancer a simple, effective answer to a question they are asked constantly, “What can we do to help?”

Powered by Lotsa Helping Hands, Inc., My Cancer Circle website and app are an online caring community that brings together friends, family and volunteers to support families and caregivers of people with cancer. Caregivers can invite as many people as they’d like, and members can volunteer for tasks and share the link with others so they can request to join the community. The updated website and new app now allow caregivers to communicate to their volunteers through traditional email, SMS texts and push notifications.

Since 2013, My Cancer Circle has had over 291,000 active users in 12,100 caregiver communities and has engaged 103,900 volunteers. To learn more about My Cancer Circle or to create a community to support a loved one or family facing cancer, please visit

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Posted by Amanda Shlosberg on April 9, 2019 in
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