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Celebrating and Supporting Cancer Survivors

June 1, 2024
National Cancer Survivors Month

June is National Cancer Survivors Month, with the first Sunday dedicated to National Cancer Survivors Day. This month is an opportunity for reflection and a chance to honor cancer survivors, support those still on their journey and remember loved ones who have passed.

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Celebrating 80 Years of CancerCare: Q&A with Kathy Nugent

May 17, 2024
Kathy headshot

As part of our 80th-anniversary celebration this year, we’re speaking with CancerCare staff to discuss their history with the organization, how it’s changed and how working here has impacted them.

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Cancer Patients Risk Losing Their Pets, CancerCare Survey Finds

April 18, 2024
Brunilda and Mia

The mission of CancerCare’s Pet Assistance & Wellness (PAW) Program is to help people diagnosed with cancer stay together with their beloved pets. Cancer impacts many aspects of each person’s life, from physical health to mental health, employment, finances, relationships and the ability to care for and keep a pet. For many of our clients, especially those that live alone, a pet may be their primary, or only, source of support throughout their cancer experience. The many stressors of a diagnosis, however, can put that cherished relationship with their pet at risk.

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Patient-To-Patient Guide: Cancer Clinical Trial Advice

February 22, 2024
Daphne - myTRIAList

For some people living with cancer and their caregivers, exploring clinical trials can feel like navigating uncharted territory. Yet, within the experiences of those who have walked this path lies invaluable wisdom and insight. George, Daphne and Quanisha have generously shared their experiences as cancer clinical trial participants, offering insights and advice for those considering this treatment option.

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CancerCare’s Support for Children and Adolescents Impacted by Cancer: Q&A with Shannon Coon

February 15, 2024
Shannon Coon headshot 2024

As part of International Childhood Cancer Day, Shannon Coon, LMSW, CancerCare’s Children’s Program Coordinator shares some resources and insights for families coping with cancer.

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Oncologists' Perspectives: Empowering Patients through Cancer Clinical Trials

February 7, 2024
Eric Santos, MD, of Cancer and Hematology Centers

Facing a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and filled with uncertainties and questions about the best possible treatment options. One avenue of hope and potential breakthroughs in cancer care is through participation in clinical trials. However, navigating the world of clinical trials can be difficult, with numerous questions and concerns. In this guide, we turn to the expertise of oncologists to provide you with answers to the most common questions about cancer clinical trials.

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Common Cancer Clinical Trial Questions Answered by Oncology Social Workers

January 18, 2024

Every year, CancerCare oncology social workers talk with thousands of people about the ups and downs they face while living with cancer. One of the many topics they discuss with people includes the overall education on cancer clinical trials. Below are a couple of questions and answers CancerCare social workers most commonly address with people comparing their cancer treatment options.

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CancerCare Provides Insight in The New York Times on the Chemo Drug Shortage Crisis

January 4, 2024
Danielle Saff quote

In a recent article in The New York Times, the ongoing chemotherapy drug shortage many cancer patients and their loved ones have faced over the last year was brought into focus. The piece highlights a growing crisis in the generic drug industry and features insights from Danielle Saff, LCSW, an oncology social worker and the Older Adult Program Manager/Clinical Supervisor with CancerCare.

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Two Decades of Inspiring Hope: CancerCare’s 20th Annual Lung Cancer Walk Raises Over $90,000

November 7, 2023
Group at the start line

On November 5, 2023, more than 200 individuals gathered at the Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course in Woodbury, NY, for CancerCare’s 20th Lung Cancer Walk for Hope.

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Resources for Spanish-Speaking Individuals Impacted by Cancer/Recursos para personas de habla hispana afectadas por el cáncer

September 12, 2023
Sara J

In this guest Q&A blog post and as part of National Hispanic Heritage Month, CancerCare’s Insights Program Coordinator and oncology social worker, Sara Grisales Jaramillo, LMSW, discusses CancerCare’s Spanish languages services and resources for people impacted by cancer.

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