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CancerCare Social Worker Sarah Paul Discusses Her Work with Kids and Teens

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Unfortunately, cancer touches even the youngest lives. Some of the children and young adults who seek our help are managing their own cancer diagnosis, some are caregivers, and some are coping with the loss of a loved one to cancer. All can find support and comfort from our specialized team of oncology social workers.

Sarah Paul, for example, came to us with extensive volunteer work in pediatric oncology in addition to her Master’s degree in social work. One of Sarah’s favorite volunteer experiences has been her work at our own Healing Hearts Family Bereavement Camp, helping teens who have lost a loved one to cancer express themselves through music—work that she continues today.

At CancerCare, Sarah counsels young people on a one-to-one basis, runs a support group for young adults with cancer, moderates three online groups (including a group for teens who have a loved one with cancer) and helps staff our Hopeline.

“It’s challenging to witness loss, especially the loss of young lives,” Sarah says. “Yet, even in times of loss, there is strength.”

In fact, Sarah has often been inspired by the resilience of the children, adolescents and young adults in her care. “They see the world differently than adults which gives them an advantage when they are coping with something as serious as cancer. To them, giving up is not an option and it shows in the work I do here.”

To support the work of dedicated CancerCare oncology social workers like Sarah, donate here.

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