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CancerCare Staff Recognized for Their Achievements in Social Work and Expertise

CancerCare is thrilled to announce that CancerCare’s Director of Specialized Programs Marissa Fors, LCSW, OSW-C, C-ASWCM, CCM, is this year’s recipient of the Social Worker of the Year award by the National Association of Social Workers, New York State Chapter! The Social Worker of the Year Award recognizes the commitment and achievements of the social work profession. Congratulations to Marissa for this well-deserved recognition!

CancerCare is also excited to announce that several of our staff will be presenting at upcoming conferences across the country:
At the American Psychosocial Oncology Society Conference this week, CancerCare's Senior Director of Education and Training Carolyn Messner, DSW, BCD, FAPOS, FAOSW, has a podium presentation on “Living with Cancer & Hearing Impairments: Rebuilding Meaningful Connections.”

At the Association of Oncology Social Work Conference (AOSW) in June, in New Orleans, “How Virtual Workshops Teach Patients about Advances in Cancer Treatment during COVID & Omicron,” by Carolyn Messner was also accepted as a paper presentation.

Other staff presentations at this year’s AOSW conference will include “Historical Trauma Within the BIPOC Community: Implications in Psychosocial Oncology” by CancerCare oncology social workers Sam Fortune, LMSW and Sara Grisales Jaramillo, LMSW, which was accepted as an oral presentation.

“Cancer Out Loud: Not Just Another Cancer Podcast” by Sarah Paul, LCSW, CancerCare’s Director of Clinical Programs, was accepted as a poster board presentation.

“Connections and Conversation: Social Programs Addressing Social Isolation Among Older Adults with Cancer” by oncology social worker Sarah Tennenhaus, LMSW, was accepted as a poster board presentation.

At the Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers Conference, in April, in Salt Lake City, Utah, “Beyond the Diagnosis: How Cancer Treatment Could be a Catalyst for a Co-Occurring Mental Illness in the Adolescent Population” by oncology social worker Hayley Feuchs, LMSW, was accepted as a poster board presentation.

“Invisible Children: The Shifting Power Dynamics Within a Sibling Relationship” by oncology social workers Shannon Coon, LMSW and Cassie Spector, LMSW, was accepted as a poster board presentation.

We’re proud of our staff for sharing their expertise and knowledge with their colleagues in the fields of oncology and social work and we’re excited to recognize their achievements!

Posted by Catherine Favorite on March 14, 2023 in CancerCare News

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