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Young Adult Alumni Yoga and Wellness Event

alt text On Monday, April 11th, CancerCare hosted a yoga and wellness event for young adults who are either in active treatment for a cancer diagnosis or are currently post-treatment. This particular event was held for young adults who have received either individual or group services from CancerCare (both past and present) and who are interested in being a part of our alumni network.

During a class taught by yoga instructor, Laura Camilleri, the group had the opportunity to engage in low-impact poses in a calming and restorative atmosphere. Laura led the group through a variety of meditative stretches that allowed for deep breathing and mind-body connection. Laura ended the class with a guided meditation practice of yoga nidra, mental yoga that helps release stress and tension in the body.

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Yoga has been known to improve the quality of life for many people, especially those who are coping with cancer. Yoga can also help you reconnect with your body emotionally and spiritually, as it often involves breathing and movements that can reduce stress. Additionally, it can improve your ability to stay present and can help you enjoy life in the moment. See our new Cancer and Yoga fact sheet for more information about the benefits of yoga.

One group member shared that it has been difficult for her to feel relaxed since she has finished her cancer treatment. “The event was great,” she said. “It was the first time in a long time I was able to relax and feel at ease.” CancerCare looks forward to hosting more health and wellness events in the future.

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We would like to thank Laura Camilleri for teaching the class and for providing nutrition and wellness materials. We would also like to thank Eric Schwortz who donated his time to photograph this event! You can view all his photos from the event, here. Eric is a musician and photographer who was diagnosed with stage three colorectal cancer in 2014, and was a member of CancerCare's Young Adult with Cancer support group throughout his treatment. He blogs about his experience here.

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