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Q. I have a few nagging side effects from chemo that seem to linger. Not sure if there is anything I should be doing?


It is common for people who have undergone chemotherapy and other cancer treatments to experience long term side effects. Although most side effects are short term, the type, length and dosage of treatments as well as your own body and past medical history will influence the severity and the length of the lingering side effects. Some side effects can take months or even years to go away completely and some – damage to heart, kidneys, or reproductive organs – can last a lifetime.

Starting a health care journal will help you keep track of how you are feeling and the frequency of the side effects you are experiencing. Logging in the time, the severity, and anything you think could have triggered what you are feeling will help you identify patterns and will help your medical team better understand your post treatment experience. It is essential that you speak to your medical team about the symptoms. Your doctors may be able to provide medication to ease some of the effects or specific therapies to help you recover.

For more information, CancerCare has a number of Connect Education Workshops that address some of the most common post-treatment issues for young adults. Below are a few options and please check out our extensive library of topics.

You may also view a complete list of workshops available and all of our resources regarding side effects.

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