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Q. My 22-year-old son had cancer in September 2019 and had most of his right lung removed. He doesn't seem to think he is high risk for COVID-19. He is still spending time with friends but only a few at a time. As his mom, who has metastatic breast cancer and is currently on immunotherapy, I am very afraid for him and for me. Any suggestions on how I can make him understand how serious this is?


I’m sorry to hear about what your son had to go through last year and what you’re having to go through now. I would recommend speaking with your son’s doctor and perhaps scheduling a consult over the phone or video chat for you and your son to attend together so his doctor can explain to him what his risk is and what precautions he should take to minimize that risk during the pandemic. In addition or instead, perhaps he could attend an appointment with you and your oncologist so your doctor can explain how a COVID-19 diagnosis might affect you and the increased risk your son is putting you at by not following social distancing precautions. Your health and your son’s health are important and precautions should be taken to protect you both during this pandemic. I wish you both all the best and hope you stay safe. If you’d like to speak about this topic further we do offer individual counseling over the phone with an oncology social worker. Please give us a call at 800-813-4673 to learn more about our emotional support services.

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