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Q. A friend's wife has stage 3 colon cancer. Being a teacher, she lost her job and husband is being laid off in two weeks (both are do to the pandemic). How can we get finance assistance so we can make ends meet?


COVID-19 has had such an immense impact on jobs, and I can understand how difficult this may be as your wife continues through cancer treatment. I would definitely encourage you to call our Hopeline (800-813-4673) to speak to one of our oncology social workers about potential financial assistance options through our organization. Some hospitals or treatment centers may have different patient payment plans to help offset some of these cancer treatment related costs, a social worker or financial counselor may be able to provide more information. There are also organizations that provide small financial assistance grants that may help to alleviate some overall costs. Our social workers also can explore additional resources for financial assistance. Some organizations may have specific funding for those impacted by COVID-19 such as:

It may also be helpful to look into either short-term benefits or unemployment benefits if possible.

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