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Q. I would like to find a support group for my wife. She was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Can you please provide information regarding this specific type of support group?


Support groups are a great way for people to connect around shared experiences, provide support or encouragement and have an outlet where others understand the feelings and challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis. CancerCare offers an online support group for people diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The groups are moderated by an oncology social worker who provides support, resources and guides the conversation. Our groups do not have a particular meeting time and do not include video chat or live chat functionality, such as Zoom. If she is interested in registering, you can direct her to this link:

This same platform also offers caregiver support groups, in case you or anyone in your family would like to connect with support.

I also suggest Share Cancer Support, an organization that focuses on supporting patients with breast, ovarian and gynecological cancers.

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