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Our Impact: CancerCare by the Numbers

Since 1944, CancerCare’s mission has been to provide help and hope for people affected by cancer. In CancerCare’s 2017 Impact Reports, we break down how each of our three core program areas– emotional support, financial assistance and educational resources – make a difference in the lives of people with cancer.

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CancerCare’s counseling services drastically improved the emotional well-being of people coping with cancer.

  • Only 15 percent of clients said that their emotional health/well-being was good or very good before they contacted CancerCare
  • That figure increased to 80 percent as a result of counseling sessions with a CancerCare social worker

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CancerCare’s financial assistance program reduced the financial strain and emotional burden of a cancer diagnosis.

  • 81 percent of clients said that CancerCare’s financial assistance reduced their financial stress
  • 93 percent said that CancerCare’s financial assistance helped with their emotional distress

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CancerCare’s educational programs provided helpful, actionable information in easily accessible formats.

  • 73 percent of clients said that CancerCare’s Connect Education Workshops and publications provided them with useful resources
  • 68 percent said that our materials helped them better understand their diagnosis
  • Approximately 90 percent said that our materials were easy to access and understand
Posted by Claire Heyison on February 5, 2018 in CancerCare News
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